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12/28 - West Lansing Church of Christ (2 services)

2/8, 15, 22 - West Lansing Church of Christ (Missions Display)

2/15 - Presentation 2 services West Lansing Church of Christ

3/1 - Colon Church of Christ, MI

3/4-10 - Atlanta, Georgia

3/22 - Sturgis Church of Christ

4/17, 18 - Michigan Christian Convention (Display)

5/23 - Rock the Lake (Rock Lake Christian Assembly) (Display)

6/19 - Shipshewanna, IN Christian Aid Ministries 

11/29-31 - ICOM (International Conference on Missions)

Counter From 4/20/13

The funds are there.  We are in the final stages (only $1,000 more - small wrap up expenses). The kids should be in by January. PRAYERS ANSWERED!!  There will still be some funds needed for supplies and furnishings.  Pictures and celebration coming!

We are Building an Orphanage

We began a good work.   This year we began building an orphanage in India.   The total cost is only around $55,000.  It will house up to 50 boys.   Work is almost completed!!  January is our target date to move the boys in.  The boys are in a rented house which the owner wants back.  

Check out more pictures in INDIA pictures.

We never had to “borrow”  or “go into debt” of any kind.  We are depending on God to provide.  This is a very, very poor region of India.  People live near a dump.  There is a small leper colony.  And most kids have no education or future.

Our boys are being raised in a Christian environment and are doing well in school.  The community is anxiously watching God building his children and the orphanage.  Our partner, Joshua Nag, and his family are sacrificially serving in great vision.

New Book Just Released

What would happen if Christians opened God's Word and just studied what He says about prayer? Sure, there are the examples of the saints in the Bible, but what about now? What if somebody actually did that today? What if they did and applied it directly to a current world event? Well, read this book. That is exactly what Michael Wetzel did. Go ahead, read it but be warned: Buckle your seat belt.... It is a wild ride!  Bill Cook - Minister

You have revived my heart with this reading. I must confess that I have stopped praying, out of weariness, out of discouragement, because of distraction. I have ceased going 'face to face' with the Father concerning our beloved brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Thanks for being obedient to the Spirit calling us to 'pray big and pray bold'. I'm back on the wall.
Renee' Flory

 During the months of November and December, order your free copy.  Email us.  Any donations go right back into the ministry.   Join us in this challenge.


Michael Wetzel presentation on new book
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