We need $18,000 more to complete our orphanage soon!  Please pray and partner with us. 

We are Building an Orphanage

We began a good work.   This year we raised $23,000 to begin building an orphanage in India.   Like any project, we figured there would be much more down the line.  The decision was made to expand the project.  Instead of housing just 15 boys, it has been expanded to house up to 50 boys, more than tripling its capacity.

Check out more pictures in INDIA pictures.

We do not plan to “borrow”  or “go into debt” of any kind.  We are depending on God to provide.  This is a very, very poor region of India.  People live near a dump.  There is a small leper colony.  And most kids have no education or future.

Our boys are being raised in a Christian environment and are doing well in school.  The community is anxiously watching God building his children and the orphanage.  Our partner, Joshua Nag, and his family are sacrificially serving in great vision.

We need your help desperately.   It is estimated that it will take another $25,000 to triple the capacity and complete the project.  Please pray for your partnership with us as soon as possible.

The Orphan Sunday campaign in Ukraine was on fire, with excellent leadership from the team at Ukraine Without Orphans. They’ve released a film that weaves an unforgettable story in a 3-minute film. You don’t need to speak Russian to be deeply moved. Created for - Ukraine Without Orphan Alliance by production company Na Grani - part of Christian Vision www.christianvision.com


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