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Children at Risk
Past Speaking Engagements


January 2-12 - Christmas in Kherson, Ukraine team

January 21 - Great Lakes Christian Men's Fellowship, Potterville, MI

February 18 - Great Lakes Christian Men's Fellowship, South Lansing Church of Christ

February 24 - West Lansing Church of Christ 

February 10 - West Lansing Church of Christ missions committee report

March 18 - Great Lakes Christian Men's Fellowship, Charlotte Church of Christ

March 24 - Sturgis Church of Christ 

March - New Book - Plan of Salvation

April 12,13 - Michigan Christian Convention display

May 4 - Cornerstone Christian Church, Jackson, MI  100th anniversary

May 5 - Farwell Church of Christ, Farwell, MI presentation

May 21 - Wheatland Christian Church, Montgomery, IN, presentation

May 20 - Great Lakes Christian Men's Fellowship, Grand Ledge, MI

July 28 - Colon Church of Christ, Colon, MI

August 11 - House Church Vestaburg, MI 

September 15 - Duplain Church of Christ

November 18 - Central Area Men's Fellowship,West Lansing Church of Christ - Speak


January 8 - Mid-Michigan Men's Fellowship 

February 11 - West Lansing Church of Christ update & Display for Missions Month

March 1 - SP meeting Coldwater, MI 

April 2 - Men's Fellowship, Holt, MI

April 13, 14 - Michigan Christian Convention, Lansing, MI. Great Lakes Christian College - Display

April 29 - Northview Christian Church, Coldwater, MI 

May 7 - Men's Fellowship, Charlotte, MI 

May 13 - Cornerstone Christian Church, Jackson, MI 

May 20 - Lake Area Christian Church, Fremont, IN 

May 20 - Retirement party roast - Lee Bracey, Ft. Wayne, IN

June 4 - Men's Fellowship, Easton Church of Christ

June 5-14 - Pastor Yuri and wife Alyona, from Kramatorsk, Ukraine.  

June 10 - West Lansing Church of Christ - Yuri Presentation

June 10 - Charlotte Church of Christ group - Yuri Presentation

June 24 - Farwell Church of Christ, Farwell, MI  

June 26 - 28 - NACC (North American Christian Convention) Indianapolis, IN

July - Gennadiy Mohenko, "Almost Holy" Movie, bike ride with former street boys across U.S.  L.A. to Miami (Meet in Atlanta)

September 14 -25 - Trip to Ukraine

September 30 - Duplain Church of Christ

October 25 - November 7 - Shelley Gilpin to our orphanage in Indiia

November 14 - 18 - ICOM (International Conference on Missions) Cincy, Oh.  - Display

November 19 - Men's Fellowship West Lansing Church of Christ

December 3 - Men's Fellowship Coe Church of Christ, Mi

December 8 - Speaking Men's Fellowship, West Lansing Church of Christ, MI

December 16 - Easton Church of Christ, MI

January 2019 - "Christmas in Kramatorsk" Ukraine trip


January 1 - Sturgis Church of Christ

January - India team

February 12 - Cornerstone Christian Jackson

February 12 - Turkeyville meeting with India team

February 26 - West Lansing Church of Christ short report

March 12 - Presentation Zephyrhills morning

March 12 - Showing, "Almost Holy" Zephyrhills church evening

May - Michigan Christian Convention

April 25 - Duplain Church of Christ mission meeting

May 24 - Lansing Lugnuts box game for SP board +

June 25 - Easton Church of Christ

June 26 -28 - Rock Lake Christian Assembly - Jr. High Girls Wilderness Camp

July 7 - Sturgis Church of Christ

July 23 - Colonial Heights Church of Christ, Norfolk, VA

July 26 - Rock Lake Christian Assembly (1st - 4th)

September 10 - Duplain Church of Christ

July - Clothing collection for Ukraine (Several churches) 70 boxes

October - Ukraine trip

October 5 - Sturgis Church of Christ, Sturgis, MI

October 19 - West Lansing Church of Christ, Lansing, MI

November 15 -19 - ICOM (International Conference on Missions) Peoria, IL


February 14 - Missions speaker West Lansing Church of Christ, Lansing, MI 

February 21 - Ferris Church of Christ Missions Moment

March 20 - Duplain Church of Christ 

April 8,9 - Michigan Christian Convention, Great Lakes Christian College, Lansing, MI 

April 24 - Oakland Christian Fellowship, Southfield, MI 

May - Ukraine team, Prayer Journey

July 2 - Sturgis Church of Christ, Sturgis, MI

July 7 - Farwell Church of Christ, Farwell, MI

July 10 - Central Christian Church, Battle Creek, MI  

July 11-15 - West Lansing Church of Christ VBS

July 24-29 - Lake James School of Missions (Display & Keynote speaker Wednesday night)

July 31 - Christ Community Church, Lansing, MI 

August 5,6 - WOW workshop, (Women of the Word) Great Lakes Christian College, Lansing, MI

August 14 - Colon Church of Christ, Colon, MI

September 25 - Prayer Workshop, Duplain Church of Christ, MI 

October 9 - Three Oaks, MI 

November 12 - "Fusion" Workshop @ Great Lakes Christian College, "Breaking Down Barriers in the World."

November 17-19 - ICOM (International Conference on Missions) Lexington, KY  (Booth 519)

December 11 - Atlanta, Georgia

December 18 - Monroe Church of Christ


12/28 - West Lansing Church of Christ (2 services)

2/8, 15, 22 - West Lansing Church of Christ (Missions Display)

2/8 - Zephyr Hills, FL Church

2/8-2/11 - Florida meetings

2/15 - Presentation 2 services West Lansing Church of Christ

3/1 - Colon Church of Christ, MI

3/4-10 - Atlanta, Georgia

3/22 - Sturgis Church of Christ

4/12 - Great Bridge Church of Christ,  Chesapeake, VA

4/17, 18 - Michigan Christian Convention (Display)

4/26 - Cornerstone Christian, Jackson, MI (both services)

5/23 - Rock the Lake (Rock Lake Christian Assembly) (Display)

6/14 - Charlotte Church of Christ

6/19 - Shipshewanna, IN Christian Aid Ministries 

7/26 - 7/31 - 5th & 6th grade boys camp.  Rock Lake Christian Assembly

8/9 - West Lansing Church of Christ, Lansing, MI

8/10-13 - VBS Cornerstone Christian Church, Jackson, MI 

10/4 - Northview Christian Church, Coldwater, MI

10/29-31 - ICOM (International Conference on Missions)


February 2 - Update on SP West Lansing Church of Christ  (Display also)

March 7 - Reports to several churches in Mid-Michigan

April 11,12 - Michigan Christian Convention

April 29-May2 - CAFO Chicago   

May 18 - Charlotte Church of Christ

May 24 - Rock Lake Christian Assembly 95th anniversary (Display)

June - Nicaragua trip

August 10 - McBrides Church of Christ

August 29, 30 - Rock Lake Christian Assembly

October 5 - Northview Christian Church, Coldwater, MI

October 11 - Monroe Christian Church, Monroe, MI

November 12-16 - ICOM (International Conference on Missions), Columbus, IN  Booth # 1211  We are doing a workshop Saturday at 4 pm.   "The Ukrainian Crisis - A Call to Pray Big & Pray Bold"   (We will have our new book available by the same name)


January - Mission of the month West Lansing Church of Christ

January 2-11 - Mission trip to Ukraine

January 13 - Trip report West Lansing Church of Christ LIFE group

January 20 - Trip report West Lansing Church of Christ

February - Missions month West Lansing Church of Christ (Set up dispay)

February 3-11 - Atlanta, Georgia presentations and meetings

February 4 - Dick Anderson/Nicaragua Missions Atlanta, GA

February 4 - Momentum Church Life Group Stockbridge, GA

February 5 - Father's Heart Ministry Buford, GA

February 9 - Nanci Hendrix (David's House) West Point, GA

February 24 - Presentation to West Lansing Church of Christ & International Dinner for Missionaries

March 3 - Waldron Church of Christ, MI  

April 19, 20 - Michigan Christian Convention Great Lakes Christian College  Lansing, MI 

May 15-21 - Atlanta, GA. Presentations and meetings

August 11-16 - Rock Lake Christian Camp (Boys week) Mission presentations

September 15 - Northview Christian Church, Coldwater, MI Church

September 15th, 22 - Missions Displays at Cornerstone Christian in Jackson

October 21, 22 - Virginia Beach meetings

November - ICOM  (International Christian Mission Convention) Kansas City, MO.


January 11 - 19  - Ukraine Trip

February 16 - Home School Presentation First Baptist Charlotte, MI

February 26 - Sunday morning missions speaker West Lansing Church of Christ, Lansing, MI

April 20,21 - Michigan Christian Convention Display

May 18-27 - Ukraine trip

June 25-29 - Rock Lake Christian Assembly - Missions for 2 camps   Vestaburg, MI

July 8 - Three Oaks Church of Christ, Three Oaks, MI

August 5 - McBrides Church of Christ, Mcbrides, MI

August 22 - Colon Church of Christ,   Colon, MI

November 15-18 - International Conference on Missions (ICOM), Indianapolis, IN

December 12 - His Kidz West Lansing Church of Christ

December 6 - Girls basketball team AIM HIGH Lansing

December 16 - Monroe Church of Christ

January - Ukraine Team


January 3-12 - St. Petersburg, Russia trip

April 8,9 - Michigan Christian Convention in Lansing, MI (Great Lakes Christian College)

April - Edgerton Christian Church

April - Lisa Gootee to St. Petersburg, Russia

April 30 - Sturgis Church of Christ in Sturgis, MI (80th anniversary)

June 10-21 - Kramatorsk, Ukraine Trip 10th - VBS Team

July 9 - Board Meeting

July 10 - His Kidz report at West Lansing Church of Christ

August 7-11 - VBS mission Battle Creek, MI

August 14 - South Lansing Church of Christ in Lansing, MI

October 21-24 - David and Nanci Hendrix in Michigan

October 30, November 6 - Book signing West Lansing Church of Christ, Lansing, MI

November 6 - His Kidz West Lansing Church of Christ, Lansing, MI

November 17-20 - National Missionary Convention in Atlanta, GA



Rock Lake Christian Assembly

February - Video presentation at the West Lansing Church of Christ, Lansing, MI

March 13-Columbus, Ga new church

March 14-West Point, Ga presentation at the Vineyard church

April 16,17-Michigan Christian Convention at Great Lakes Christian College, Lansing, MI

May 14-23-Team trip to Ukraine

May 30 - Monroe Christian Church

July 7-9 - Rock Lake Christian Assembly

July 11 - McBride Church of Christ

July 18 - West Lansing Church of Christ (2 services)

September 3-6-Rock Lake Christian Assembly, Family Camp weekend-presentation

October 17 - Sturgis Church of Christ Sunday School Class

October 20-25 - Lisa Gootee in Michigan area

October 22 - Lisa Gootee on GNS television, Lansing, MI

October 24 - Lisa Gootee at Cornerstone Christian Church, Jackson, MI

Octover 24 - Lisa Gootee L.I.F.E. group, Lansing, MI

October 22 - GNS (Good News Station) 1 hour live televison with Lisa and Michael

November 18-21-National Missionary Convention in Lexington, KY



January 25 – Hiz Kidz, West Lansing Church of Christ, Lansing, MI

January 17 - West Lansing Hat Knitters, Lansing, MI

February 15 – Hymn sing presentation, West Lansing Church of Christ

March 2-10 – Ukraine Trip (Directors)

March 13-L.I.F.E group Lansing, MI

April 17,18 – Michigan Christian Convention, Lansing, MI

May 17 - Langley Christian Church, Hampton, VA

June 28, 29 - Wilderness camp, Rock Lake, Vestaburg, MI

June - Board meeting Atlanta, Ga

Summer – Ukraine Trips (Contact us)

November 19-22 – National Missionary Convention, Peoria, IL


January 13 - Oakland Christian Fellowship in Berkley, Michigan

January 20 - Three Oaks Church of Christ, Michigan

January 27 - Kidz Church, West Lansing Church of Christ, Michigan

February 13 - Lansing, MI Over Fifties Group Trinity Methodist

March - Atlanta, GA  Board meeting and presentation

April 6 - Killbuck Valley Christian Church, OH

April 11 - Great Lakes Christian College class presentation with Jane Hyatt from Kiev

April 11 - GNS Christian Television live one hour interview with Jane Hyatt

April 11 - West Lansing Church of Christ L.I.F.E. group and missions committee meeting

April 13 - Jackson First Church of Christ - Jane Hyatt

April 25, 26 - Michigan Christian Convention

May 16-25  - Killbuck Ohio Team to Kiev (Steve & Becki Wilmot leaders)

June 12-21 - Team to Kiev (Jane Gordon leader)


January 2-10 - "Christmas in Kherson" trip

January 10 - Home group presentation West Lansing Church of Christ

February 18 - Mission Month speaker at West Lansing Church of Christ

February 25 - Kidz Church at West Lansing Church of Christ

March 4 - Kempsville Church of Christ, VA. Beach

March 18 - Killbuck Valley Christian Church

April 1 - West Lansing Church of Christ Fundraiser

April 20, 21 - Michigan Christian Convention

April - Fundraiser West Lansing Church of Christ

May 11-19 - Kiev, Ukraine Trip

May 27 - Edgerton Christian Church

June 8 - West Lansing Mission Trip Presentation

June 10 - First Church of Christ, Jackson, MI

June 24 - Three Oaks Church of Christ

July 15 - Charlotte Church of Christ

July 29 - First Church of Christ, Jackson, MI  (Trip information meeting)

August 18 - Annual Board Meeting Atlanta, GA

August 19 - Vineyard in the Chattahoochee Valley, West Point, GA

September 30 - Charlotte, MI (Trip inforation meeting)

September18-22 - Great Lakes Christian College missions conference

November 15-17 - National Missionary Convention


January 1 - West Lansing Church of Christ send off for our Ukraine team

January 2-10 - "Christmas in Kherson" (Ukraine Christmas January 7th)

February 5 - West Lansing Missions Day

February 19 - Edgerton Christian Church Presentation and meeting with May Team

February 21 - West Lansing Church of Christ Pampered Chef party

February 26 - Oakland Christian Fellowship in Berkley, Michigan

March 5 - Kempsville Christian Church, VA Beach (Sunday morning youth)

March 5 - Avalon Christian Church, VA Beach (Evening youth program)

March 10, 11 - Coldwater, Michigan Missions Conference

March 12 - Sturgis Church of Christ, Michigan Presentation

March 18 - Benefit Concert with "Unleavened" 6:30 West Lansing Church

April 7 - Hope College (Holland, MI) Missions Conference

April 21, 22 - Michigan Christian Convention

April 28 - Live televison Lansing GNS. 1:00-2:00 p.m. CH. 19

April 30 - Kidz Church at West Lansing Church of Christ

May 13-20 - Kiev, Ukraine team trip

June 25 - Presentation at Three Oaks Church of Christ, Michigan

July 1-4 - Atlanta, GA (Annual board meeting, presentations)

August 13-24 - Kherson, Ukraine trip

September - Annual Shepherd's Purse & Friends Banquet

September 11 - Lansing area men's fellowship at Charlotte Christian Church

September 17 - Monroe Christian Church

October 9 - Sault Ste Marie, Michigan (Mike Keeney-Minister)

October 26 - Lansing Vineyard ladies group (Ed Reynolds-Pastor)

November 4 - Benefit concert Dora Christian Church (Bill Cook-Minister)

November 16-19 - National Missionary Convention (Indianapolis, IN) 



March 6-Edgerton, OH (Christian Church presentation)

March 12-Benefit Concert "Unleavened" (Bethsada Bible Church)

March 20-Three Oaks, MI (Three Oaks Church of Christ presentation)

April 7-Monroe Christian Church

April 10-Monroe Christian Church morning, Holland, MI home church evening

April 17-Monroe Christian Church, Monroe, MI

April 23,24-St. Louis Christian College, St. Louis, MO. "Infinite Influence" conference sponsored by, World Christians United. Sunday morning, display and short presentation at both services. West Hills Community Church.

April 29, 30-Michigan Christian Convention, Battle Creek, MI (our display)

May 1-Edgerton Christian Church

May (15-28)-Group trip to Kherson, Ukraine

June 5-Benefit Concert in Banquo, IN (Pastor Gary Riley, Banquo Christian Church) Afternoon concert with ice cream, hot dogs and great music.

June 19th-Banquo Christian Church AGAIN!!!! An area wide youth program headed up by Justin Crouch and others has put together a youth program complete with speaker, band, cookout, an offering for Shepherd's Purse and closing fireworks. Justin describes his youth, " Never before have I seen some of the teens (particularly one who is actually helping with the planning) be so enthusiastic and anxious to voice their opinions about how the event should be conducted. Our small youth group has always been known for being in a slight comfort zone. This event is really challenging the teens to step out of their comfort zones for a change and to offer a little bit of assistance in something that will no doubt bring Glory to God."

June 19-Monroe Christian Church (south of Detroit)

June 22-Charlotte Christian Church presentation

June 26-West Lansing Church of Christ in Lansing, MI

June 29-One hour live television on GNS television in Lansing, Michigan. A local Christian cable channel.

July 1-5-Shepherd's Purse presentations to teen girls camp at Rock Lake Christian camp in Vestaburg, MI.

September 11-West Lansing Church of Christ kid's church

Sepetember 8-Shipping party! Sort, box up and pack up about 1,000 pounds of coats/boots/supplies. Barbecue after.

October 4-Hope College in Holland, Michigan. "Hope For the Nations" student group presentation and prayer.

October 12-16-Peter Billingham from Bromsgrove, England here in Michigan. If you would like to hear about his trek of the Himmalaya's and trip to Kherson, contact us.

October 13-Peter speaks at the Great Lakes Christian College chapel service.

October 14-Peter appears on live television for one hour. GNS televison (a local cable Christian station).

October 21-22-Speaking at missions conference in Midland, MI. Father's Heart Ministries.

November 3-5 -- Heidi Baker conference in PA.

November 6 -- Presentation at Killbuck Christian Church in Killbuck, Ohio.

November 9th -- Benefit Concert in Lansing, MI.

January-"Christmas in Kherson" again!!! with Shepherd's Hands group.

March 2006-Edgerton Christian group trip to Kherson, Ukraine

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