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Children at Risk

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Through our donors and our Lord
we have built an orphanage in India.
 It will hold 50 boys and right now we have 24.
 As soon as we gain more sponsors,
we can rescue more boys from the streets. 

Past Concerts

These guys have done a couple of concerts for us.

At the Dora Christian Church in Lagro, Indiana.  Doug & Barb Chopson and Liston Creek  presented a benefit concert for the work with the street kids.  Great concert guys! 

Past Concerts
  • Pritzl & Rowe (Michael Pritzl-The Violet Burning)(Michael Rowe-The 77's)
  • Liston Creek
  • Unleavened
  • Tracy Munday
  • Master's Own
  • Doug & Barb Chopson
  • Bob Church & Co.
  • Jim Housel
  • Roger Waltz
  • Special Delivery
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